lock door poly barrel
pocketbarrel 2
slidelock barrel


Built here at our facility, they are available from our tiny 2x4 barrel to a gigantic 28x60. We build barrels for any line, to fit any manufactures equipment. Many different designs, perforations, and hex and round.

We also still manufacture  outdated equipment, such as lasalco, hvwm, crown waste saver, regaudy-lite among others with two drilling centers online, We can meet any need. We are the only manufacturer of herringbone barrels (to our knowledge). We  also produce mesh lined portable barrels as well, (please see our portable barrels)



B&P plating barrels are the mainstay of our business , we have been manufacturing plating barrels for many years,with customers all over the U.S. , and abroad. Our barrels are built to your specifications , in almost any configuration , as new or replacement equipment equipment for any line.
We specialize in being one of the only companies to provide the flexibility of replacement barrels , parts and accessories for almost every manufacturer's style of equipment , including that which has been listed as obsolete.





We can design and build barrels to your specific needs, please contact us for a quote